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Digby Fixit is a character I created in 2013. Initially, he didn't have a name, but he sure had personality!


Digby is a young, curious and imaginative boy, who loves solving problems in inventive ways, and with the help of his enthusiastic friends.


The first of Digby's stories originated one evening when my son, who was three-years-old

at the time, looked up to the sky and noticed a 'thin' crescent moon. We chatted about why the moon is sometimes like a banana and at other times, like a circle.

His idea was that the moon must be in need of a drink or maybe

it was hungry. We talked about ways we could get food to

the moon so that it could be full again.


This conversation then led to writing the story which resulted

in the picture book, Digby's Moon Mission, illustrated

by the amazing Anil Tortop, designed by the glorious Tadaa Book

and published through my brand, Create It Kids.


During the first draft, Digby Fixit's name was created. Fixit by name, fix it by nature!

Since then, Digby has rallied with his friends to solve more mysteries and have

super-duper fun along the way. His second picture book was released 1st March 2017,

and the third picture book in the series is currently in the works. The story has something to do with bubbles! Digby and I will keep you updated on its progress.

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Renee x

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