What went on at Digby's book launch?

On Saturday 4th March, Digby and the Yodelayhee Who? celebrated its launch at Wallsend District Library and WOW! It was the very bestest morning EVER!

It was a rainy day which was perfect for a book launch, inside a cozy library. Guests started arriving and the crowd got bigger and bigger – there was a huge line to get in!

Renee greeted guests and tried not to show how nervous she was, but I think this photo shows the truth, hee hee!

The super-duper MC team of Leroy and Rosie kicked things off with a very entertaining speech. Rosie and Leroy are in Year One and were so brave speaking in front of an audience with more than 150 people in it. I thought they did an amazing job. Did you?

Up next were speeches by Renee’s dad, Mark and mum, Mary. Mary read a special letter written by Tania McCartney, who was Renee’s mentor when she published Digby’s Moon Mission.

After getting a bit emotional, Renee said a speech, thanking everyone who came to celebrate and also some special mentions to the people who helped Renee along the way. She was very surprised and excited by all the support… me too!

Renee and her two children, Leroy and George, then unravelled the ribbon to officially launch the new book… Hooray!

Everyone enjoyed the first reading by Renee. She made lots of fun sounds throughout the book and the kids and grown-ups joined in.

After the reading, Renee explained how readers can scan the QR code at the end of the book (using a smart phone or tablet) and listen to and download Digby’s Jam. Renee wrote this song with her husband, Aaron, and it’s so much fun! We were all treated to a special performance of the song which included audience participation and lots of dancing!

We had a special door-prize draw afterwards and lucky ticket Blue 22 was the winner. Congratulations, Evelyn!

To finish off the super-duper event, we all enjoyed morning tea, craft and Renee practised her best writing, signing books. She was able to chat with so many lovely kids and big kids.

Meanwhile, I had HEAPS of fun hanging out with some Digby fans – lots of them had photos taken with me. I thought that was really special.

Renee and I are still getting over the big day and we're so, so, so, so grateful to everyone for coming. If you'd like to see more photos (all taken by the very talented Alex Jack), check out my Facebook page. Can you see anyone you know?

Love Digby (and Renee!) xx Phew! This is thirsty work!

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